Jewelry Lovers Can Now Find Unique one of a kind Quality Pieces handmade

From the Land & From the Sea.


Hello my name is Frances Cinardo and if you love jewelry like I do you understand how difficult it can be to find great pieces that are unique and express your personality.

Many brick-and-mortar jewelry stores sell what is hip or in style, they buy different lines that have tweeked it a little so they can say it is original. Quality online hand made retailers are hard to find. And one that will make that special piece for that outfit that will make just the right statement. While online jewelry retailers are available, the quality of the goods is usually quite low, while the prices are high.

As a jewelry maker it is my mission to provide unique pieces of jewelry, fair prices, and quality workmanship.

We make necklace and earing sets, belt buckles, and desk accessories from semi precious beads and shells.